Savvy Ladies is a non profit organization dedicated to financial empowerment for women through financial education.


In honor of Women’s History Month, Transamerica sponsored a campaign to raise money for Savvy Ladies with the goal of “empowering women one click at a time.” Throughout the month of March, Transamerica pledged to donate 1$ for “each time a post featuring both @Transamerica and @Savvyladies and/or #womenwhoinspire is liked, shared or commented on (up to $20,000).”


How can we reach as many women as possible with the hashtag #womenwhoinspire and how can we inspire those women to post using the hashtag.


Throughout the month we will share inspiring women, words, and quotes. By sharing these inspiring images we hope to inspire our audience to post about women who inspire them.


In order to create a consistent and uniform look for all of the campaign graphics, I created an elegant and bold design system.

I used the Savvy Ladies dark pink as a base color and chose the bold yellow as a complimentary pop. For the type I combined used a bold header font, Raleway Heavy, with a lighter body font, Montserrat.


I created a landing page featuring content from the campaign as well as an explanation of the campaign, a link to the Transamerica landing page, and information about Savvy Ladies. A link to this page was published on our website, social media and shared within our network.



The social media strategies for the various platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) that I created were consistent yet unique in order to cater to each of the platforms audiences. I started with an overall message that I wanted each post to convey.

Post about a woman who inspires you using #womenwhoinspire – For each post using the hashtag @transamerica will donate 1$ to @savvyladies


For Twitter, I used this direct call to action at the end of each post throughout the month. This was used because it is the shortest way to get the message across and stay within the platform’s character limit.


Without no character limit for Facebook or LinkedIn, I expanded on the messaging to further explain the campaign mission and provide the audience with more of a reason to participate.

In honor of women’s history month, we are sharing women who inspire us.

Who inspires you?

Share it forward! Post about a woman who inspires you using #womenwhoinspire – For each post using the hashtag Transamerica will donate 1$ to Savvy Ladies

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I also wanted to create a message that could easily be adapted for the users to repost.

In honor of women’s history month, I am sharing women who inspire me.


On Instagram we appeal to a younger audience and use a different brand voice such as specific emojis and multiple hashtags throughout the captions. Instagram also blocks links in the captions so we direct users to our link in bio page.

In honor of #womenshistorymonth we are sharing women who inspire us ✨

Who inspires you?

Share it forward! Post about a woman who inspires you using #womenwhoinspire – For each post using the hashtag @transamerica will donate 1$ to @savvyladies – link in bio for more information

Instagram blocks links in the captions so users are directed to our link in bio page which contains more information about Savvy Ladies and an informative graphic linking to the campaign landing page for more information.


We spent no money on advertisements or boosted posts and while engagement was low, we had a really great reach with our posts, especially on Facebook. The hashtag use on instagram alone went up by over 4,000 posts throughout the month and a lot of money was raised for Savvy Ladies.




The majority of accounts viewing our posts across all platforms came from viewing the hashtag and were not previously following Savvy Ladies.


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